Today Daniel continues this family heritage at Jeriko Estate in Mendocino County with a commitment to quality winegrowing and stewardship farming practices. Jeriko Estate believes a quality wine that has personality and terroir is a product of the vineyard in which it is grown.

Jeriko Estate is Certified Biodynamic by Demeter, and Organic by Stellar Certification Services.

At Jeriko we believe that farming is a heritage and that many ancient beliefs were too quickly discounted with the introduction of the agrochemical era. Implementing new technology with old wisdom is the basis of our tread gently on the earth approach.

Winegrower Daniel Fetzer learned the art of winemaking and viticulture at an early age with his ties to the family business that bears the Fetzer name. The Fetzer family gained world wide recognition for producing premium Mendocino County wines of value and also for their pioneering efforts in spearheading the organic winegrowing movement.

Vineyard worker lifting trellis wires to allow air flow through vines
John Deere 5400 N Vineyard Tractor with a Clemens front mechanical weeder working between grapevine rows.
Stirring Biodynamic Preparations
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Pommard Clone Pinot Noir vines in front of the Estate House